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We're a real farm with hardworking people raising animals with respect in a stress-free environment. We grow some of the most flavorful and nutrient-dense food right in your backyard. Come visit us and get to know firsthand where your food comes from.

Featured Products

Whole White Broiler

$5.00/lb (Whole chicken)
Sale Whole White Broiler

Whole Red Broiler

$6.00/lb (In stock NOW)
Sale Whole Red Broiler

Stewing Hen

$20.00/ea (Whole chicken)
Sale Stewing Hen

10 Whole White Broilers

ON SALE! Save $0.25/lb
$4.75/lb (Whole chicken)
Bulk Discount 10 Whole White Broilers

10 Whole Red Broilers

ON SALE! Save $0.25/lb
$5.75/lb (In stock NOW)
Bulk Discount 10 Whole Red Broilers
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