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A Truly Pasture-Based System Where Animals Thrive

Following nature's template

What Makes Our Animals Different?

We've been complimented many times by our patrons that our animals look happy and their meat tastes so much better than store-bought meat. So what really sets them apart?

You may be surprised to learn that 90% (if not more) of the meat sold in your typical grocery store comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (or CAFOs for short). These are large factory farms where thousands upon thousands of single animal species are confined to small spaces and fed unnatural diets with the sole purpose of fattening them faster and cheaper in order to maximize profits at the expense of your health and the environment. These animals are abused, stressed out, and malnourished to say the least. They're literally pumped full of cheap GMO grains, dead animals, and antibiotics to keep them plump and alive until the day of slaughter.

In our grass-based nature-mimicking system, we run a variety of species to copy nature's template of animals working in symbiosis. The herbivores mow ahead of the chickens while the chickens clean after the ruminants. The manure left behind decomposes and gets absorbed by the soil thereby enriching it with nutrients. The animals are rotated on pasture rather than being confined inside a concrete building. This rotation allows the grass to grow back up and the pasture to rest and rejuvenate.

We use the 3M's coined by Joe Salatin

1 Mob

Like in nature, animals are grouped together using modern techniques to protect against predators.

2 Mow

Together as a group they mow and graze a wide variety of nutritious grass plants and legumes.

3 Move

The herd is moved frequently to allow the pasture to rest and to get away from manure build-up.

What our patrons are saying

"We just had your lamb for our Seder dinner. We did the leg roasts. Hands down best lamb we've had. Everyone at the dinner was really impressed with the quality, flavor, and texture of the lamb. Everyone was 'this tastes so great, where did you get it from' and 'this roast is so tender.' So amazing! Thanks so much for a great centerpiece to our delicious!"

- Geoff Scott | Marion Acres

"Thank you for raising quality meat!"

- Junel | Hillsboro, OR

"Everybody loves your eggs; their shells are hard and their yolks are rich dark orange."

- Scott Ostby | Fresh Local Food

"My husband and I reserved a turkey last year for Thanksgiving. It was WONDERFUL."

- Ziva | McMinnville, OR

"Hello. Thank you very much for the chickens. We tried yesterday, they were so good."

- Svetlana | Portland, OR

We're a farm you can visit

Come meet our animals and see for yourself beyond the thin labels slapped on food packaging. Our animals will be delighted to see you!

Our Guiding Principles

TRANSPARENCY: We maintain an open door policy so that anyone who’s interested in visiting the farm and seeing firsthand how we raise and treat our animals is welcome to do so. Furthermore, we share our practices openly with our patrons and answer any questions they may have.

STEWARDSHIP: We act as trustees of the land and the life within it. We work with nature not against it to ensure all life forms, all the way from the earthworm to the cow, work together in a symbiotic relationship. We guarantee fresh air, sunshine, and freedom of movement to all.

TRUST: We strive to earn the local community’s trust as ethical growers of wholesome and unadulterated food products. We want for your family what we want for our family: stress-free, chemical-free, nutritious food produced by people who value life and care about the land.

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