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From Our Family to Yours

Together we can bring nutrient dense foods back to the table

A Paradigm Shift

How a broken food system led us back to the country

Like many ordinary families around the country, for years we trusted that the industrial food system would continue to provide our family with healthy food choices at affordable prices. After all, we reasoned, what could possibly go wrong with such an elaborate food system that’s constantly under the watchful eye of the FDA and USDA?

It wasn’t until we got hold of a copy of the film Food Inc. that our trust was shattered. We began to question where our food really came from and how it made it to our plate. From high fructose corn syrup, to growth hormones, to GMO’s, to deceptive labeling, to lush pastures that only existed on milk cartons, to confinement operations, to manure lagoons, and eroded soils we discovered lie after lie.

This discovery spurred us to switch to buying organic and sourcing our food locally from real farmers who owned real farms. We began to frequent farmers’ markets and visit local farms.  

In late 2015, we took it up a notch, ditched our comfortable city life, and moved to the country as we felt inspired to contribute to the local food movement and grow our own food. In an attempt to bring life back to our newly acquired worn-out and abused farm, we rushed to introduce chickens and sheep. In a matter of a few months, not only were we able to produce enough eggs, chicken, and lamb for our family, but we also started to witness how our bodies and the land were healing and coming back to life. This was a turning point for us and a real paradigm shift.

The results were so encouraging that we decided to share the farm’s bounties with our local community. We realize there are many families out there who are wanting to connect with their food but may not possess the resources necessary to grow their own. The next best thing is to source real food from farms you can visit and farmers you can trust. We’re here to earn your trust as ethical growers of wholesome and unadulterated food products. We want for your family what we want for our family: stress-free, chemical-free, nutritious food produced by people who value life and care about the land.

A Little Bit of Trivia

Amana is the name of the first ever lamb born on the farm. And we have to admit: she was born by mistake! Initially, we had purchased three sheep for our own consumption thinking they were all rams (male sheep). The following morning one of them gave birth to a cute little female lamb, much to our surprise. Needless to say, we were total rookies and didn't know what to do or where to begin with our newborn. We named her Amana which means trust. Trust that we will take good care of this lamb no matter what. Trust that we will be good stewards of the land. Trust that the lamb will grow to provide sustenance for our family. And trust, that as your farmers, we will strive to grow food in ways that preserve, enhance, and regenerate the resources that we were trusted with.  

Amana - The newborn lamb we were trusted with

"You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit."

Joel Salatin