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Our animals are raised in small social-groups in a stress-free environment. This is one of our fundamental principles that encompasses practices such as allowing animals the freedom to be outdoors on pasture, allowing them the freedom to express their natural animal behavior (such as nursing their babies for mammals or dust-bathing for chickens), providing them with healthy diets and essential minerals, allowing moms to be naturally with their offspring, and not subjecting them to any kind of mutilation (such as debeaking or disbudding) or harsh treatment (such as isolation or confinement).

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We make a conscious effort to not use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers anywhere in managing our pastures. Furthermore, we do not administer any synthetic chemicals or subtherapeutic doses of antibiotics of any kind to our animals.

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We don't plant or otherwise use genetically modified seeds anywhere on pasture. Our animals are raised without genetically modified grains such as GMO corn or soybeans.

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Our animals spend the great majority of their lives outdoors on pasture enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. In the warmer months, the animals and their mobile shelters are moved from paddock to paddock on pasture every few days. In the colder months, our animals are provided with adequate shelter from the elements while enjoying full access to the outdoors.

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No Animal By-Products

Raised without any animal by-products. We don’t feed dead chickens to chickens or dead cows to cows.

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99% of the diet of our ruminants consists of fresh grass and brush forage (in the grazing season) or grass hay (in the winter months). The 1% exception is for those special treats of non-GMO whole grain used to reward and train animals. These treats typically go undigested and end up being picked up by our free-roaming chickens. Free-choice non-synthetic minerals such as kelp and trace mineral salt are provided as needed to cattle.

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Our nature-mimicking pasture-based production system obviates the need for continuous administering of sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics commonly used in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Or simply put, our animals don't do drugs!

However, on rare occasion when an animal is suffering or is on the brink of death, we may administer prescribed doses of medication. In such rare cases, we go above and beyond the required withdrawal period before deeming the meat from the animal fit for consumption.

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