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1/2 Lamb Share

1/2 Lamb Share

Available in the Fall
$7.00/lb. Avg. 37.5lb .
Sold Out

Our Approach

Our lamb comes from grass-fed pasture-raised Suffolk and Dorset sheep raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Our flock spends the majority of its life outdoors rotated on pasture periodically. In the winter months when forage is scarce, we feed quality grass hay sourced from local farmers. We raise mainly Suffolk and Dorset which are meat breeds known for their resilience, prolificacy, and ability to thrive on pasture, not to mention their excellent meat quality.


Lambs typically reach market weight in the early fall and lamb shares become available for pick-up or delivery starting in September each year.


We charge $7/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees. Each half lamb is estimated to hang at about 37.5 lbs and yield approximately 30 lbs finished weight depending on cuts chosen. Butcher fees are estimated to be $60 per share. Please note that these are estimates only and that final pricing will be determined once the lambs are processed and weighed.

A non-refundable $100 deposit will be charged to your card upon reservation. The remainder of the balance will be charged when the shares are packed for pick-up or delivery.

What's in a Share?

Buying grass-fed lamb in bulk not only provides you with economical savings, but it also allows you the convenience of enjoying a broad selection of cuts in your freezer. From how thick you want your steaks to be to how many pounds of stew meat, you get to work directly with the butcher to customize your lamb's primal cuts. Want a whole lamb to yourself? Simply order two shares.

What patrons are saying about our lamb

"We just had your lamb for our Seder dinner. We did the leg roasts. Hands down best lamb we've had. Everyone at the dinner was really impressed with the quality, flavor, and texture of the lamb. Everyone was 'this tastes so great, where did you get it from' and 'this roast is so tender.' So amazing! Thanks so much for a great centerpiece to our delicious!" Geoff Scott of Marion Acres.

Enough said!