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1/4 Beef Share

1/4 Beef Share

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$4.95/lb. Avg. 75lb .
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Our Approach

Our beef comes from grass-fed pasture-raised Lowline Black Angus steers raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Our steers spend the majority of their life outdoors rotated on pasture periodically. In the winter months when forage is scarce, we feed quality grass hay sourced from local farmers. We raise Lowline, which is a miniature version of Black Angus, due to their manageable size and minimal impact on pasture not to mention their flavorful marbled meat.



The steers will be harvested on February 15, 2019 and beef shares will become available for pick-up or delivery by the end of the month.


We charge $4.75/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees. Each quarter beef is estimated to hang at about 75 lbs and yield approximately 50 lbs finished weight depending on cuts chosen. Butcher fees are estimated to be $75 per share. Please note that these are estimates only and that final pricing will be determined once the steers are processed and weighed.

A non-refundable $100 deposit will be charged to your card upon reservation. The remainder of the balance will be charged when the shares are packed for pick-up or delivery.

What's in a Share?

Buying grass-fed beef in bulk not only provides you with economical savings, but it also allows you the convenience of enjoying a broad selection of cuts in your freezer. From how thick you want your steaks to be to how many pounds of stew meat, you get to work directly with the butcher to customize your beef's primal cuts. Some patrons may choose to have 50% of their share turned into ground beef. Yet others may choose to turn it all into stew meat. And if that might sound overwhelming, we have standard cuts we can recommend.