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10 Whole Red Broilers

10 Whole Red Broilers

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The red broiler grows at a moderate rate compared to the white broiler and tends to be more active. A slower growth rate coupled with more foraging activity yields more flavorful meat with a higher nutritional value. The breast meat in these birds is in natural proportion to the leg meat and for dark meat lovers, a red broiler has plenty to offer.

Our Approach

Unlike their CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) counterparts where tens of thousands of birds are crammed into a dark and damp place filled with pathogens and fecal dust, our chickens are raised in small social groups out on pasture enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and a healthy avian diet consisting of fresh grass, legumes, and bugs supplemented with locally sourced soy-free and corn-free non-GMO feed.


Red broilers are available seasonally from May through November each year. Towards the end of each season, we may run a batch to keep the freezers full until next spring. However, there is no guarantee that we will have this chicken in stock during the colder months. So plan ahead and buy as many as you think your family will need until the next growing season. They keep very well in the freezer and don't take up much space either.

How to Cook

These young and tender broilers will cook fast and easy no matter how you choose to enjoy them. You can put them whole in the oven or part them and throw them on the grill. No matter how you go at it, these birds will cook fast and will not disappoint. So don't be afraid to experiment!