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1 Dozen Ungraded Eggs

1 Dozen Ungraded Eggs

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Our Approach 

In order to obtain a truly farm fresh pasture raised egg that’s both nutritious and tasty, we believe the chicken must come first. This is why we raise our layer hens on the farm from the time they hatch through maturity to ensure we have full control over their diet and lifestyle. Our hens are raised in a stress-free environment in small social groups and are allowed to roam freely on lush pasture going after fresh grass and protein-rich little critters. We supplement their diet with locally sourced soy-free and corn-free non-GMO feed plus a few healthy treats every once in a while.



Farm fresh pastured eggs are available year around with production peaking in the spring and summer months. From March through November, our happy hens (as we like to call them) get to live in mobile chicken coops that are moved to a fresh patch of grass every few days. This approach not only revitalizes the soil and vegetation, but it also enriches the quality and nutrient-density of the eggs. In the winter months, the #happyhens get to dwell in the hoop house with full access to the outdoors.

How to Cook

Thanks to their ultimate freshness, our eggs are best suited for the pan just as shown below. Hard boiling is best suited for aged eggs.